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The Health Colonel Colonel Bob is kicking off a NEW and EXCITING realistic WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM called M.O.V.E. Lifestyle Based Weight Loss and Fitness Program. This is a three to four month weight loss program and will empower you to take charge of your eating and exercising habits while receiving the motivation and guidance to stick with the program and continue it as a part of your new found lifestyle.

In the M.O.V.E. program, you will

M AXIMIZE your results,
O VERCOME your weaknesses and bad habits, attain
V ICTORY through lifestyle change empowerment, all which will make your
E NERGY levels soar. This weight loss program will teach you to:

Are you ready for a successful weight loss program?

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The Health Colonel ABS-ON-THE-BEACH

Think you know how many different ways you can work those abs? Think again! This workout will bring your abs back to life amongst palm trees and white sand while listening to the ocean breeze and waves. A relaxing and energizing workout. And yes, the focus will be to strengthen that "six-pack". Both 30 and 60-minute classes are available.


How many times have you said that you really need to firm up the hips, thighs and butt? This class takes care of business! The gluts will be screaming after this workout! There's no way around success with regular attendance of this class. Oh yes! Feel the burn!


A light to moderate workout. Lots of variety on this one. We'll use the resistance band and a series of body weight exercises to enhance this workout (30 minutes).


A hard workout, but very rewarding. Lots and lots of push-ups, pull-ups and full body weight dips. Did you know that there are five different ways to perform a pull-up and just as many types of push-ups? This workout is specifically designed to take the entire upper body to new levels of strength and endurance not thought possible! This is also for all fitness levels. YOU do what YOU can do and YOU WILL IMPROVE! 60 MINUTES.


There will be a light to moderate 30-minute session and a moderate to hard 60-minute session.


Ever wonder how some people run so fast? Ok, ok, some have more so-called fast twitch muscles. Whether you've got more fast twitch, slow twitch, low or no twitch muscles, this workout WILL improve your speed which I call the "base pace". Three miles of interval training will take up to 60 minutes depending on the fitness level.; first mile just jog, second mile is broken down into quarters and the last mile is broken down into eighths. It will also improve your cardio and endurance. Your leg power will increase significantly on this workout. I do not recommend this one more than once per week and no long runs the next day or the day before.


Body composition (fat %), Dips, Push-ups, 1 mile run and pull-ups (optional). For the dips, push-ups and crunches you are to perform as many as you can within 2 minutes. The mile run is to be completed as fast as you can. Then, four week goals are set by The Health Colonel. Short term and long term goals are a part of creating that new you!


No, I don't mean bike in the sand! What you'll do here is bike, stop, work a body part, bike, stop, work a body part which will include some short distance running drills as well. We can make a real game out of this one by timing it and including a minimum number of stops for workouts.


That's right! You're going to include "Poochy" or "Fido" for this workout. If time is an issue, "walk" the dog AND get your workout ... cross-training style. You will need a leash. This one will be great entertainment for "mans best friend". Your dog will really be impressed with you after this workout. Walking the dog will never again seem as fun. In fact, Fido may expect this every single time you step out the door for a "walk".


There are many, many other variations of training on the beach. Speak with Colonel Bob (The Health Colonel) about what you would like to achieve. Don't be afraid to express and imagine those goals that you thought were unachievable for you. Sometimes our mind creates the limitation for the body. With Fountain of Youth Fitness the mind will create opportunity for the body and mind!