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Video Testimonials about Colonel Bob's Beach Boot Camp Training

The "Boot camp on the Beach" Workout program is the most invigorating workout program in which I have participated. As a 32 year old former college athlete who became a 14-hour per day working lawyer, I felt the need to do something different in order to get back into shape. I have lifted weights and jogged on and off for several occasions throughout my life, but felt I needed to do something unique to change my lifestyle and get my interest back in working out. Luckily, I was able to meet Bob Weinstein and participate in his "Boot camp on the Beach" workout program. It truly changed my life.

The combination of strength and endurance training over a three month period shed three waist sizes, brought back the strength that I had ten years ago in my legs and upper body, and gave me stamina that I have not felt since my college days. The fact that Bob works out with you will push you to your limits. As an avid athlete, I can honestly say that I have never had such intense workouts. You feel more alive than ever in the midst of these workouts. There is no indoor gym in the world that can give you such an extreme cross-training workout while breathing in that fresh ocean air and seeing the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean (if you choose the morning workout). I highly recommend that anyone do what I did--make a short commitment to this program and it will change your life forever. - Richard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Training with Bob was a treat! After following the same old routine at my gym for years, meeting Bob brought the "fun" back into my workout. He incorporates strength and endurance training all in one session. Definitely worth it! - Angelika - Financial Advisor, Fort Lauderdale

Michele, Hollywood"Awesome Trainer! I went from running a mile in 10 minutes 20 seconds to just 8 minutes in two months of training with Bob. He is very good at focusing on my individual fitness level and then moving me forward." Michele, Hollywood

Pat, Miami"I have taken just three classes and feel great! Like my body is alive again. It had been years since I hadn't really worked out. I like that the exercises are simple movements, but effective, believe me your muscles will feel it." - Pat, Miami

"Fitness Boot Camp has taken me to new levels of strength and endurance. I have worked out in the gym doing strength training and some cardio. This workout feels like three hours although it only lasts for about one for beginners." - Mike, Miami

Penny, South Beach"I have finally found the right motivation to help me lose weight and get fit. I'm not very athletic and have not worked out regularly. This fitness boot camp program has helped me to look and feel great!...And it's a lot of fun, too!" - Penny, South Beach

Cindy Taffel"I had to respond to this seemingly random email I received yesterday. I don't believe in coincidence so I have to assume that there is some reason why just this week I saw you on the beach doing your thing. Today after a ride, I saw you again leading a small group of people thru what must be your beach boot camp workout. I had a strange sense of pride watching you out there with those people. I was compelled to keep watching. You appeared to own that beach and I was struck by your ability to be firm yet compassionate, intense and serious, yet fun. I'm not sure exactly why I wrote this to you except to say thanks for your 30 years of service and your continued commitment to the growth and development of others. It's just so strange. I saw you this week after a 3 hour bike ride and you said, "good start". I loved that. I hope you remain a part of our beach for a long time to come. - Cindy Taffel